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Overseas Exchange Opportunities

Imagine living overseas; living with a host family, attending a local school, living like a local and being part of a different culture. This unique way of learning another language and becoming an experienced traveller also teaches students a lot about themselves. Student exchange programs develop independence, self-reliance and cultural understanding. Students return from these experiences with a greater sense of self and maturity.

Student exchange organisations provide reciprocal programs that enable international school students to study at Lowanna and for Lowanna students to study in schools overseas.

The following Student Exchange Organisations (SEOs) are approved by the Victorian Registrations & Qualifications Authority (VRQA) to provide student exchange programs in Victoria.

Name of organisation Website
AFS Intercultural Programs www.afs.org.au
AFX Student Exchange Australia Ltd www.afxstudentexchange.com
Association of German Teachers of Victoria www.agtv.vic.edu.au
Australian Institute of International Understanding www.aiiu.com.au
IndoAustay Ltd www.aiav.org.au
Rotary Youth Exchange Victoria www.ryea.org.au
Scholarships for Australian German Student Exchange www.sagse.org.au
Scouts Australia www.scouts.com.au
Southern Cross Cultural Exchange www.scce.com.au
Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd www.studentexchange.org.au
Students of the World Ltd  www.studentsoftheworld.com.au
World Education Program Australia Ltd www.wep.org.au
Youth For Understanding Ltd www.yfu.com.au

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