Lowanna College is one of three large government secondary education providers in the Latrobe Valley with a clear will to establishing itself as a centre of educational excellence in the Gippsland Region. It is a modern, well-appointed single-campus college with a population of approximately 900 – 950 students and 130 staff members.

The College is located in Newborough and draws its enrolments from Moe/ Newborough, district towns of Yallourn North, Erica, Rawson, Willow Grove and surrounding rural areas.

As well as providing quality programs in English, Mathematics and Science, the College also offers a wide range of quality options in Languages Other Than English (LOTE), Humanities, Technology, The Arts, and Health and Physical Education. We believe the programs offered in Performing Arts (Music and Drama) and Sport, Physical Education and Outdoor Education set the College apart from other schools in the district. The College is committed to preparing young people for a technological world and has built a statewide reputation as a leader in the effective use of learning technologies.

The College boasts excellent facilities. These include a sophisticated computer network, which provides state of the art resources for students and staff. It also has a 580-seat auditorium which supports a strong performing arts program and a double gymnasium with sprung floor which enhances the Physical Education and Sports program. The College has just built a state of the art Language Centre, which will expand our capacity to deliver language education at the college and within our community. These facilities not only benefit Lowanna students but also are made readily available to the wider community.


Lowanna College has a history that can be traced back to the 1920s. In 1928 the Yallourn Technical College was established, and over the following years, grew substantially to serve a wide area, including Moe

By the 1950s the growth of Moe, required a new school to be built in the town, and Moe High School was officially opened in 1954. Shortly after, in 1957 Yallourn Technical College moved to its current Newborough site. There was still a need for further education provision and Newborough High School was opened in 1964.

By the 1990s the number of students attending secondary school had dropped substantially and governments were looking for schools to amalgamate. In 1994 the three secondary colleges amalgamated to form Lowanna College.

With a vision for a new single campus, the College successfully lobbied the government and a total of over 13.5 million was used to build the current campus.

Lowanna College became a ‘Leading School’ in 2005. ‘Leading School’ status is given to secondary schools in Victoria in recognition of their quality programs provided for students, the success of school organization and plans for the future.

New junior school facilities were opened for year 7 and 8 students at the beginning of 2008 and 2009 respectively. The facilities reflect the new working processes and practices which are taught at Lowanna College. The College is proud to be at the forefront in using best teaching practices in the education of our students.

The year 7 facility features four classes in a working environment and allows for a variety of learning experiences using information and resources, including computers and other forms of technology. It provides easy access to students support services and there are opportunities to participate in a “kitchen garden” and other outdoor activities.

At year 8 we have also provided students with the opportunity to vary their learning experiences. The year 8 building has enabled us to have more flexibility in providing a program that matches the needs of all students. More resources have also be made available in this facility in terms of laptops and ICT.

The new learning area provides full internet access to students. Combining desktop and laptop computers with interactive whiteboards, digital cameras scanners and other technologies provides a state-of-the-art teaching and learning environment

The very important specialist programs in Music, The Arts, Science, Physical Education, Technology and Food Science that many students look forward to when they come to secondary school, are a key part of the learning program.

Lowanna College has a very close working relationship with the local government primary schools, with ongoing regular meetings to discuss curriculum as well as transition.

Lowanna is proud of its transition program for grade 6 students and looks forward to building on this success to provide a consistent, quality education for all students now and into the future.