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Global Learning and Engagement – Broadening Horizons

Lowanna believes that the future success of our students depends on their ability to engage in the world beyond their own backyard. The college offers expansive opportunities for students to participate in global learning programs, adding breadth and depth to students’ understanding of the world around them.

Global Citizenship is addressed in a range of subjects across the college and we also have a dedicated team of language teachers who continue to develop and expand our programs in Indonesian, Italian and Chinese.

In addition to classroom programs, Lowanna also offers several extra-curricular activities and cultural experiences. 

  • School cultural festivals, such as the Chinese Dragon Boat festival, that enables students to increase their cultural understanding.
  • The Latrobe City ‘Sister City Festival’ enables students to showcase a range of talents and to engage with the local community.
  • Students participate in Global Youth and Modelled United Nations Assembly (MUNA) forums where they investigate issues facing the world and develop and design ideas to help solve these issues.
  • Overseas study tours and leadership programs that help students develop language skills and global citizenship.  

From language programs, international trips, overseas exchanges and visiting international students, there are many unique and global opportunities for our students to pursue. Visit the following pages for more information:

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