Sister School – Taizhou, China.

Lowanna College has a sister school relationship with Taizhou Middle School No.2 in China. This provides students with the opportunity to access intensive language and cultural experiences by participating in delegations to Taizhou and hosting Chinese students through reciprocal visits to Lowanna. Video conferencing allows students to collaborate on joint projects between Lowanna and Taizhou.

Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia and China

The Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia (VYLI) and China (VYLC) Programs are immersion experiences that will prepare Lowanna students to live and study in another culture and broaden their international perspective, thus equipping them to become future leaders on a global scale. The program gives Year 9 students, and an accompanying teacher, an opportunity to travel and live in Indonesia or China for six weeks.

The program provides a unique opportunity for these Year 9 students to gain a deeper understanding of Indonesia or China, our close Asian neighbours and two of our most important strategic partners.

Students taking part in the program will experience Indonesian or Chinese culture by attending a local school, visiting historical attractions and developing their language skills. The program also develops students’ intercultural understanding and leadership skills and provides opportunities to form life-long friendships with their international peers.

The Victorian Young Leaders Program supports the Education State targets of critical and creative thinking, resilience, pride and confidence in our college. The program aims to strengthen students’ engagement in their education and equip them with the skills they need to be active, globally-engaged citizens.

“The Victorian Young Leaders Program expands on our vision of developing a generation of young Victorians who will be globally-engaged citizens with a deeper understanding of themselves and the cultures they have experienced.”

Minister for Education James Merlino

Italian study tour – Biennial

All students with an interest in broadening their horizons are welcome to participate in the tour.

There is simply no better way for young people to get to know a language and culture than through immersion in it. During our extensive trip around Italy’s most exciting highlights, students are plunged into the local traditions, giving them the opportunity to expand their Italian language skills whilst experiencing the unique character and culture of this truly beautiful, historic country. From the preserved wonder that is the ancient city of Pompeii to the iconic museums of Florence, the “Cradle of the Renaissance,” this trip is an eye-opening, horizon-broadening experience for any student with an interest in languages, art, history or simply the rapidly expanding global community.

Italian Study – 2020

Italian Study Tour 2020 Parent Information

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World Challenge Expeditions – Biennial

World Challenge Expeditions offers transformative travel experiences where students build life skills and develop a sense of adventure. These experiences complement Lowanna’s educational programs and empower students to become life-long learners and global citizens.

Expeditions have an accompanying teacher, Australian and international guides, and begin 12 to 18 months prior to embarking on the experience. Students face various challenges from venturing into different landscapes, developing itineraries, tackling treks, handling budgets, booking accommodation and contributing to overseas community-led initiatives. Students work as a team, develop leadership skills and resilience.

World Challenge Expeditions are life changing experiences that students walk away from with an enriched view of self and new-found confidence to take on the world.

World Challenge November 2019 – Vietnam and Laos Expedition

World Challenge September 2021 – Journey to Borneo

Lowanna is proud to present a unique opportunity for students to travel overseas to Borneo in September of 2021. This opportunity is open to students who are in Year 10 or 11 in 2021. The ‘Journey to Borneo’ will be a life-changing experience where students will learn about a different culture and environment and will develop relationships that will result in them becoming young leaders and global citizens. For further information please contact Ms. Taylor at Lowanna College on 5127 9200.

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